Origin of the name ‘Arawata’

One of the founding families of the district, the Holmes family, named their homestead after the steamship Arawata which brought them to Melbourne from New Zealand in the late 1880's. The Arawata steamship was built in Glasgow in June 1875.  Lawrence Holmes, who is Mr Don Peter's grandfather (Fairbank Rd, Arawata) , was born in …

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Thank you for the Music.

Imagine doing something that you loved, and that for which you had a natural talent, for the whole of your life. One of the special women of Arawata was Lucy Peters ( Nee Holmes) , grandmother of Don Peters and beloved mother of Olive Raymond ( Nee Peters) . Lucy was a tiny four month …

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Arawata Hall (Part Two) – The Rebuilding after Fire

The Arawata Hall between 1900 and 1936 continued to be the focal point and embodiment of the community spirit, as it does today. There were concerts, farewells  for  enlisted local lads, choir evenings , the services of a library, Boy Scout gatherings, community picnic days and Christmas celebrations. Picnic at Arawata Hall. photo from the …

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